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Enterprise Migrations

If you require an upgrade, our team has the expertise to migrate your legacy systems vertically or cross platform. We support technologies such as VMWARE (ESX3, ESXi, vShere4) , Windows Server (NT 2008), Red Hat Enterprise, HPUX, Solaris and much more.

Design and Architecture

With requirement gathering tailored to your company, we can build a platform incorporating your current CMS, ERP and bespoke applications, while delivering cutting edge systems that can help you leverage IT in moving your business forward.

We offer competitive rates and out of hours downtime guarantees, ensuring that your core business is protected while the work takes place.


Our team can train your internal IT staff and teach them the advanced administration techniques needed in an ever increasingly complex enterprise environment.

Project Planning and Consultancy: With the complexity of IT projects ever increasing, we offer professional project planning capabilities than can ensure success of your next big IT project.

Enterprise Messaging Solutions

Utilising technologies such as Exchange Server and Blackberry Messaging Server, Microsoft Lync server we can simplify your messaging infrastructure providing secure and reliable communications in and out of the office.

Networking and Firewall

Protecting your data is becoming ever more important. We can design and implement secure and robust networks to make you feel comfortable that your sensitive information is protected.

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